Artemis hotel has two apartments.

Maroulio apartment

 Is in the first floor. Has a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room-kitchen.

Can offer hospitality up to 4 people.

The wooden ladder is a piece of art.


Sofia apartment

Has the same rooms with the previous apartment (bedroom, bathroom, sitting room-kitchen).

Offers hospitality up to four people.

The rest places of the hotel

The hotel has traditional kitchen with wood oven, and all the necessary equipment that you need so as to cook.

Luxury and comfort, meet simplicity and history.

All the rooms have a delicacy that will attract you.

Details of the house

There is a lobby with fireplace and chairs so as to spend your evening hours.

Very beautiful and special is the front yard and the garden of our hotel.

There are tables and seats so as to enjoy the sun and take your coffee by the nature.

Flower pots decorate many spots of the hotel.

Story paths, join the around places.