This house renovated with a lot of care and love by the owner Artemis Kyriakoglou, a woman that wanted to offer honor to her grandmothers.


See decided to make her homestead to a traditional hotel and offer hospitality to those who want to go away from the city's rhythm, live in a village for a while and live in quality and authenticity.


The house is ideal for those who wish to explore the island and discover its beauties.

Fine decorated, with all the traditional items and furniture of a previous, old era. Cookware, handmade weaving and needlework decorate the rooms.


Stone and red tiling combined with the green color of the nature. Tranquility and calmness that the area gives you is unique.

Everything is so take cared that will charm you. In a few minutes your mind can released from stress and travel...

So come with us to travel!