It was spring of 1875 when the Greeks of Kapi decided to rebuilt the church of their village. That is way they called Mr Marouli the first foreman in Mytilene, so as to supervise the works.




In the structure used to work two brothers named Tarrou, fine builders and quite famous in the area. Famous not only for their work but for their young and very beautiful sister also. The girl was named Artemisia. Mr. Maroulis as soon as he saw the young woman, he fall in love with her and after a while they got married. Artemisia's brothers built a house in Kapi.




The years were passing, Artemisia born two children, Efstratios and Marianthi or Maroulio (nickname stemming from her father surname). Generally the family was very happy. Turks after a while called Mr. Maroulis to built a Minaret for them.


After the complete of the Minaret, the Turks paid him, but killed him also on his way home. And the family left without a father.


A few years later, Artemisia married again, a man named Michalis Syrianos, a mechanic that was coming from Syros island. Michalis after the end of the Macedonian war he went to Mytilene not for a serious purpose. He met Artemisia and his love for her and her young children, kept him on the island for ever.


A few years later this house was given to Marianthi (Artemisia's daughter) as a dowry. Marianthi-Maroulio born a daughter named Sofia, and Sofia born Artemis, today's owner of the house.