Lesvos is considered as one of the most ideal islands all over Greece, for Birdwatching. Water lands and the area near the coast lines, gather a great number of rare birds and fowls and millions of people that wish to see and observe them.

Along the road to Mandamados, either starting from Kapi, or from Mytilene, you have the ability to observe a lot of bird species.

Were you are in Skala Skamnias and take the road for Kapi, then turn right and left, in the forest, you can see eagles and other rapacious fowls.

Next to the road, through the bushes, admire the nightingales, especially in spring.

Next to the coastline and turn left just after Madamados, you have the ability to see partridges, skylarks, small mammals and reptiles.

 In spring there are many ponds, like holes in the ground (named giolia), were you can see small ducks.

Apart from the birds, you may also see birds, reptiles like frogs and beautiful plants and flowers. The around area and the whole island is known for its orchids. There are a lot of rare species of orchids.

An other beautiful place for watching is Aspropotamos. A long beach where birds and small mammals nest or find food.  Were you have a boat you can go to the small islands Toukmakia and observe birds, protected by the program Natura.