There are many sights in the village and the nearby villages.


Kapi belongs to the municipality of Mandamados. Is 37km away from Mytilene built on 150m high. The village is built in a valley and is not visible. Not only because its position is that, but the color of the around environment is the same, since the stones of the houses are from the around mountains. People mainly grow the olive trees or they are cattlemen.

Very famous is the monastery of saint Taxiarchis . The church of the saint is not far from the monastery and is full of olive trees and pines. The first temple was built in 1700.

In 1879 was rebuilt. The icon of the saint is made from an unknown material. The legend says that a monk made it from clay and blood. There was an old monastery in the area.During an invasion pirates slaughter the monks. Only one managed to escape and went on a roof to hide. The pirates saw him. As soon as they tried to catch him, the sea overflowed and came after them.

The pirates terrified, left the monk and went far away. The monk believed that the saint saved him, that is why he made the icon with the dead monks' blood.

Taxiarchis is the patron saint of the area and of Lesvos also. The Turks respect him also. The saint used to wear shoes made of iron and protect the Christians.

The icon is unique and simple also. Convince us that is the work of a religionist man.


Skamnia-Skala Skamnias

An other very beautiful region close to Kapi is Skamnia and Skala Skamnias. There are many fish tavern and restaurants so as to enjoy local recipes and a lot of fresh fish. Do not miss to go to the chapel of Panagia Gorgona, a chapel that is build on a rock.

The chapel took his name from the frescoes inside the chapel that depict Panagia as a mermaid (gorgona in Greek). This area is the birth area of Stratis Mirivilis.


It is about a beautiful beach with fine sand that will attract you.

Enjoy the sun, the sea and relax.

Saint Stefanos-Profit Ilias

Just a few minutes away from the village, you can visit the chapel of Profit Ilia at Pelopi area.

          Profit Ilias

              Profit Ilias

 Built on a rock. In the nature and green trees. Away from noise and traffic. You have to go and admire it.

In the wood, through the olive trees is built the chapel of Saint Stefanos. Belongs to the municipality of Mandamados.

Stony and unique. Fell the tranquility and relaxation that is spread all over.

At the same area (Mandamados) you have to see the ceramics pieces of arts that is made. A kind of art that is been fading through the centuries.

 Admire the artist and see how the spiritless material is transformed in fine pieces of art.