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In Lesvos island at the foot of the mountain Lepetimnos, is built the village Kapi. There are many possibilities about were the name of the village came from. It is believed that came from the young man Kapi, grandson of Troas. Information says that the area is been inhabited from the 5th B.C.

According to Theofrastos on the mountain Lepetimnos was an observatory, a temple dedicated to Apollon and the crave of Palamidis, who fight in Trojan war.

During the Turkish captivation, the Turks took the houses of the people who lived in the village. The villagers built new houses next to the old. So the village had two area. the Greek and the Turkish.

They also built a new church dedicated to the saint Agios Georgios. The old church dedicated to the mother of the Christ, left to the Turkish side of the village. Both churches have built with stones and the houses also. Saint Georgios celebrates in 23 April while Panagia celebrates in 15 August.


Walking through the paths and the villages' small roads, you can see stony houses, a big square and a lot of people, sitting and talking in the coffee shop.

Very important role in village life played the local festivals. Each year in 15 August is the festival of Panagia were the local food named kiskek is made. All the villagers gathered in the square and "bit" the food with wooden pieces, while the musicians play songs.

People of Kapi love music and poetry. There are many professional musicians on the island. Each village used to play its own music and songs..

   Music was heard in every occasion of the everyday life. In engagements, in marriages, in festivals, or during bad times.

The fillings of the villagers, used to lead the musicians so as to play the ideal music, according the occasion.

The music companies of Kapi was of 6-7 people, usually coming from the same family or the same village.

   Famous music family was that of Kyriakoglou, that has a great history. This family is known all over the island and considers to be the best music family in Kapi. The owner of the house Stratis Kyriakoglou, knows how to play 5 different music organs. He has the ability to amuse you with his music, during the evenings while you drink ouzo with your friends.

6 klm away there the Geni Limani (New Port), a really fine place. Years ago this port with the settlement around was very important for the commerce. You can sit there and taste fresh fish and local recipes.

Village Kapi can be though as a base for the around excursions, since is in the middle.

The village is :

Were you walk through the small roads of the village you will also see a lot of traditional stony houses and taps for an other distant era.